Emblematic is a multi-disciplinary creative studio specializing in
brand strategy, graphic + print design, web development + digital marketing.

Creating an innovative brand transcends conceiving clever names & cute logos. It’s beyond analyzing market data and qualifying demographics. It requires synthesizing your core values with the lives & experiences of the people with whom your brand engages, to offer them something more, something better, to improve their lives in some meaningful way.

Emblematic Brands offer more than a product or service; they deliver an experience.

We’re a branding & digital agency focused on forging those invaluable connections. We work with companies at every stage of development, from pioneering startups to deeply rooted organizations, we’ll devise a program to ignite your brand. We have a purposeful, empathetic approach founded on finding your inner Emblematic – those defining attributes that set you apart and feel like home to your adoring customers.

We’ll bring your vision to life with original design elements and a re-imagined online presence. Our distinctive strategic thinking combined with a multi-faceted design + technical skillset allows us to determine the holistic scope of your project and advance it by contributing to the development of your business model beyond our expected role in it. By truly understanding your brand, your business objectives, and your audience, we endeavor to create extraordinary value for you, our adored clients.



adjective • em·​blem·​at·​ic • em-ble-‘ma-tik
representing something (such as an idea, state, or emotion) that cannot be seen by itself
An emblematic brand is iconic. It exemplifies the highest aspirations of its class. Its values and character are immediately apparent. It stands for something; it really means something. The preeminence of an emblematic brand lies not only its novelty surrounding its product or service, but in its incomparable ability to connect with those who use it. It satisfies something deeper in them than its ostensible purpose aims to fulfill.

Brand Equity

While brand equity is materially intangible, its leverage is anything but. The competitive advantages only a strong brand can deliver, translate to very real and measurable success.
Why Brand?


Brand driven companies are two times more profitable than their industry average.
Why Brand?

Shareholder Value

Firms that had developed strong brands create value for their shareholders by yielding returns that are 50 percent greater in magnitude than a relevant market benchmark, and do so with 20 percent less risk.
Why Brand?


The BrandZ 100 Most Powerful Brands list outperforms the S&P 500 by more than 37 percentage points


We’ve designed a multi-phase, synergetic program to steer your brand overhaul. Our agile methodology deploys an action-centric workflow involving client collaboration , research + ideation delivers a cohesive, emblematic brand.

Who We Are

As a small, focused team, we are agile and adaptable. We are able to tailor our process to meet the needs of your project, focusing on efficiency without sacrificing quality and customization to provide optimum value. Since we don’t maintain expensive office space or retain superfluous support staff, we are able to deliver superior results for at a reasonable cost.

Claire Barwin

Our principal, Claire Barwin, has been designing and developing since 2008. Her background in communications, visual media, interface design and information architecture, coupled with her technical expertise developing websites and applications gives her a holistic perspective from which to advise our clients and deliver a thoughtfully crafted product to elevate their business.