We’ve designed a multi-phase, synergetic program to steer your brand overhaul. 
Our agile methodology deploys an action-centric workflow involving client collaboration , research + ideation delivers a cohesive, emblematic brand.

Discover phase one

During the Review phase we will immerse ourselves in your business to assess your current reality. We will sample your products and experience your services; conduct an audit of your organizational structure and marketing strategy; collaborate with employees and stakeholders to understand the evolution and future of your business model and objectives; interview any and all participants in your brand including staff at all levels, customers and competitors to ascertain your prevailing brand perception. Our goal in this phase is clarify the state of your brand, your challenges and successes, and your aspirations for the future. We will endeavor to uncover insights into your true character that will inform your brand’s path to development, definition and expression.
  • brand immersion
  • internal discovery
  • business plan
  • organizational structure
  • product/service analysis
  • customer perception
  • objectives
  • communications audit

Research phase two

Successful brand strategies are built on a foundation of thorough research and analysis. Working from a deep understanding of the state of the existing brand, we will employ a tailored mix of qualitative and quantitative research, engaging primary and secondary sources, to benchmark brand perceptions, define the competitive landscape and identify opportunities for growth. We will uncover diverse avenues for enduring success attracting new customers, marketing via new channels, or expanding into new sectors. At the conclusion of the Research Phase, we will review intelligence we ascertained through interviews, workshops, ethnography, market research and a brand audit and distill it into a powerful set of insights. With this profound, factual understanding of what differentiates your brand we will develop authentic experiences that reinforce your brand values, convert customers into loyal brand champions and position your company for long-term growth.
  • external discovery
  • research analysis
  • ethnography
  • price/value proposition
  • market position
  • swot analysis

Define phase three

Based on our brand discovery and research, we will define who you are and what you stand for, your vision, mission and values; we’ll establish your distinct position in the market and articulate a clear purpose beyond your bottom line. Mapping the DNA of your optimized brand will produce the strongest value proposition for your target audience. We will carefully craft your essential messaging, voice and tone before activating it across meticulously curated platforms selected for maximum impact and reach. With the dwindling attention span of today’s consumer, simplicity is key. These foundational components will drive your complete brand strategy moving forward.
  • vision + mission
  • unique selling proposition
  • value sets
  • character
  • communications kit
  • voice + tone
  • architecture

Create phase four

In the fourth phase, we will create the visual, verbal, and experiential elements that will bring your brand to life. We will design the “look and feel,” or visual identity— a system of recognisable elements including your logo, color palettes, typography, graphics, photography and icons. We will develop all components of your comprehensive identity system including business cards, stationery, ephemera, marketing collateral, digital assets, social media content, and your website. To ensure brand presentation is cohesive across all channels and applications, we will develop comprehensive brand guidelines for internal stockholders, employees, suppliers, partners, and designers, summarized in a custom brand book. Your brand book will establish guidelines for presenting a unified and identifiable presence.
  • identity system
  • digital assets
  • website
  • social media presence
  • marketing collateral
  • publication design
  • package design
  • advertising
  • brand guidelines book

Activate phase five

Equipped with a holistic brand strategy and comprehensive creative, we’ll map out touchpoints and channels to activate your brand. We will evaluate the costs, priorities and possibilities of delivering your brand experience to the right audience, at the right times, in the right places. We will devise a launch program to introduce your new brand not only to the market, but also to your internal staff and stakeholders, to cultivate them as ambassadors and storytellers. After your inital brand launch, we will devise an ongoing communications strategy, develop and execute complete marketing, digital, and advertising campaigns as needed, as well as provide periodic audits to ensure your brand execution is perpetually aligned with your core vision and values.
  • communications channels
  • pr channels
  • advertising campaigns
  • digital campaigns
  • social media soak
  • brand engagement program
  • periodic brand audit