Emblematic Services
Emblematic is a multi-disciplinary creative studio specializing in brand strategy, graphic + print design, web development + digital marketing.
emblematic Brand
emblematic Design

Brand strategy

seeks to identify and influence perception by articulating your position. Strategy is facilitated by thoroughly defining business objectives, exposing existing and potential competitive threats, discovering opportunities for engagement, establishing content and tone.
  • consumer research
  • brand audit
  • brand brief: mission, vision + values
  • brand architecture
  • creative brief: promise, positioning platform, tone + message

Brand Identity

is a system of visual and verbal communications that differentiate a brand from its competition, serving as a tangible representation of its core values and unique selling proposition. Consistent deployment of the identity allows the brand as a whole, to be recognisable.
  • name + tagline
  • trademark: logo + wordmarks
  • color system
  • brand architecture
  • typographic system
  • visual style mood board
  • custom icons + graphics
  • brand book: guidelines + toolkit
Emblematic Design

Graphic Design

is the art of projecting ideas in visual or textual context. It elevates a utilitarian message, delivering elemental cues experientially to facilitate communication and reinforce brand character. Cohesive design of a system of assets will add the most value to your brand presentation.
  • stationery + ephemera
  • marketing collateral
  • infographics
  • creative layouts
  • direct mail + catalogues
  • invites + announcements
  • package design

Interactive Design

is visual design experienced virtually, where content is fluid and responds to actions of the viewer. This includes content-driven editorial + graphic design for web and mobile, data visualization, user experience design (UX) and user interface design (UI).
  • UX/UI audit
  • sitemap + userflow
  • information architecture
  • wireframes
  • graphics + imagery
  • composite mockups
  • design guidelines
  • theme integrated, layered PSD
Emblematic Digital
digital marketing and web development

Digital Marketing

refers to the non-traditional avenues of engaging with customers, generally online, in a way that generates immediately auditable feedback. The most prolific medium is social media; other channels include email marketing, RSS, PPC & retargeting, as well as SEO.
  • marketing audit
  • creative brief: promise, platform + message
  • social media content + messaging
  • email campaign content + creative
  • SEO audit + recommendations
  • PPC + retargeting strategy

Web Development

is the foundation of effective digital marketing. Your website is the cornerstone of your brand’s online identity. It must be streamlined + functional, engaging + informative, aesthetically compelling, easily navigable, readily accessible, and represenative of your vision + customer experience. Brand strategy must be leveraged in conjunction with technical skill to achieve meaningful user engagement online.
  • web design prototype
  • HTML + CSS base template
  • content management system content integration
  • theme customization
  • module + plugin development
  • post-production website launch