Emblematic Brand
Brand Strategy + Brand Identity

Brand strategy

seeks to identify and influence perception by articulating your position. Strategy is facilitated by thoroughly defining business objectives, exposing existing and potential competitive threats, discovering opportunities for engagement, establishing content and tone.
  • consumer research
  • brand audit
  • brand brief: mission, vision + values
  • brand architecture
  • creative brief: promise, positioning platform, tone + message

Brand Identity

is a system of visual and verbal communications that differentiate a brand from its competition, serving as a tangible representation of its core values and unique selling proposition. Consistent deployment of the identity allows the brand as a whole, to be recognizable.
  • name + tagline
  • trademark: logo + wordmarks
  • color system
  • brand architecture
  • typographic system
  • visual style mood board
  • custom icons + graphics
  • brand book: guidelines + toolkit
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