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digital marketing and web development

Digital Marketing

refers to the non-traditional avenues of engaging with customers, generally online, in a way that generates immediately auditable feedback. The most prolific medium is social media; other channels include email marketing, RSS, PPC & retargeting, as well as SEO.
  • marketing audit
  • creative brief: promise, platform + message
  • social media content + messaging
  • email campaign content + creative
  • SEO audit + recommendations
  • PPC + retargeting strategy

Web Development

is the foundation of effective digital marketing. Your website is the cornerstone of your brand’s online identity. It must be streamlined + functional, engaging + informative, aesthetically compelling, easily navigable, readily accessible, and represenative of your vision + customer experience. Brand strategy must be leveraged in conjunction with technical skill to achieve meaningful user engagement online.
  • name + tagline
  • trademark: logo + wordmarks
  • color system
  • brand architecture
  • typographic system
  • visual style mood board
  • custom icons + graphics
  • brand book: guidelines + toolkit
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